EV Billing

Enable custom billing workflows around use of your EV infrastructure.

EV Billing

Flexible billing workflows

Road offers flexible billing workflows to bill customers with subscriptions or invoices. Capture more revenue, support new business models, and accept recurring payments.

Support for complex configurations

We support complex billing configurations including split billing and employee reimbursement billing.

All features you need to power a Charging Station

Optimize Operations

Easily sync billing and payments data with the rest of your workflows and ERP systems.

Recurring Billing

Flexible billing logic for everything from per-seat pricing to metered billing out of the box. (Support for coupons, free trials, prorations, add-ons, and overages is built-in.)

Complex Configuration

We can do advanced billing configurations such as split-billing between a third party or reimbursement billing between different business constituents.

Start building today

Get access to our platform and start maximizing your EV assets and infrastructure.

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