Power your EV applications with Road.io

Using our APIs and developer tools, you can integrate charge stations, charge cards, payments, billing and EV data into your business.

Maximize your Electric Vehicle assets and infrastructure.

Road.io Products

All services you need for powering your EV Business

Charge Stations

Create your own Charge Point Operator (CPO) platform by utilizing our OCPP backend services, roaming services, dashboard and data APIs.

Charge Cards

Create your own Mobility Service Provider (MSP) platform by utilizing our charge card APIs, roaming services, dashboard and data APIs.


Enable new payment methods on your EV infrastructure. From payment terminals to online subscriptions.


Enable custom billing workflows around use of your EV infrastructure


Enable incentives for use of your EV infrastructure

EV Data

Tap into a wealth of data round EV transactions, EV locations and EV usage patterns.

Road.io Features

Why choose Road?

Developer Friendly

We provide modern JSON APIs with good documentation and tools that allow you to debug your EV applications.

Battle Tested

Security, compliance, scalability and reliability are always our top priorities. We have the best uptime in the industry.

Full Service

We don’t just provide the software, but we can service all aspects of your EV business (sales, marketing, support, field service management, etc.)

Hardware Agnostic

We support over 250 different manufacturers and provide predictive maintenance and integrity tools to get the maximum out of your hardware.

Start building today

Get access to our platform and start maximizing your EV assets and infrastructure.

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